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Kyla Kinna


INSTAGRAM: @kylakinnafit

PHOTO: Ali Sohrab

The fitness side of me loves inspiring others to live their healthiest life.

I coach clients online and in-person to get in shape the flexible & sustainable way. I help women gain confidence and feel empowered through weight training. Best job in the world? I’d say so.

The Edgier side of me would have to be my rave girl alter ego. My love for EDM music is a large part of the person I am.

When I go to a music festival, I get to fully express myself through my attire. Planning outfits for a festival is quite the process and can take months for me to perfect the final result. I feel incredibly empowered wearing darker, sexier outfits that make me feel UNSTOPPABLE. Nothing can stop me when I’m dressed for a festival. Let’s rave!

Bodybuilding is something I am incredibly passionate about. Being a competitive bodybuilder, you must ignore instant gratification for future gain. It’s certainly a challenge to diet down for 4+ months while doing aggressive training and cardio sessions daily. I love the challenge that comes with bodybuilding and I love the person it has built me to be-Resilient.

The glamorous bikini athlete side of me. I put on the sparkly heels, bikini, jewelry, makeup, tan and showcase my hard work to an audience & panel of judges. I love the feeling of stepping onto stage, it’s exhilarating to say the least.

To embrace my most feminine side- boudoir modelling. Some say bodybuilding can be a very “masculine” sport so I find it important to embrace my femininity to find balance within the sport.

I feel empowered wearing beautiful, sexy lingerie overtop of the muscle I have spent years building. It’s no secret that I am not shy in front of a camera. If anything, I feel most confident during a shoot!

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